June 12th, 2010

Not everything is in place yet, but this site is now generally functional.

I’ve had the idea to start one for quite a long time. Soon I will bring the archive up to date, and begin posting new material. I don’t know how often, yet. We’ll see how things evolve. I sketch down a comic once every few days; polishing it up takes longer, but not as long as it once did.

The title “The Brook’s Reflections” was chosen because the comics I draw don’t have consistent characters or worlds; rather, they are concentrated glimpses of what I see around me, varying in style and subject matter. So it seemed like the only title that made sense.

I chose to use the stripShow plug-in instead of the more commonly-used ComicPress. Its only disadvantage may be that the selection of preconfigured themes is much smaller. But in my case, I prefer a very simple interface anyway.

5 Responses to “Launch!”

  1. Bora Says:

    Quite promising…

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for the vote of confidence. 😉

  3. Tsed Says:

    Waiting for more…

  4. Elna Says:

    See a progress and like it. Freedom and drones…

  5. Elna Says:

    March of 2013 is very interesting. I like it

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